Knitwear Size Guide

Below are the exact measurements of the Knitwear Collection
Knitted Maxi Dress Cropped Full Length
Sleeves 39 cm 40,5 cm
Shoulders  72,5 cm 75 cm
Length 124 cm  145 cm
Width 67 cm 71 cm
Oversized Knit Sweater M  L
Length 67 cm 68 cm 71 cm
back length 74,5 cm 77 cm 77,5 cm
Width 62,5 cm 65 cm 67 cm
Sleeves 53,5 cm 55,5 cm 56,5 cm
Shoulders  59 cm 60 cm 60,5 cm
Sleeveless Knit Top L
Neck Length  16 cm 16 cm 16 cm
Shoulders  39,3 cm 41 cm 41,5 cm
Length 67,5 cm 71 cm 71,5 cm
Width 46 cm 52 cm 55 cm
Knit Polo Shirt S  L
Length 72,5 cm 73,5 cm 74,5 cm
Width 56,5 cm 59 cm 63 cm
Shoulders  60,3 cm 63 cm 65 cm
Sleeves 46,2 cm 47,5 cm 47,5 cm
Relaxed Knit Joggers  S  L
Length 100cm 101cm 104cm
waist 38cm 39cm 40cm
Hip 26cm 30cm 29cm
in-seam 28cm 28cm 29cm
Knit Wide Pants 
Length 99cm 100cm 102cm
Waist 37cm 39cm 39cm
Hip 30cm 31cm 32cm
in-seam 30cm 31cm 31cm
Relaxed Knit Hoodie S M L
Length 68cm 70cm 70cm
Width 57cm 61cm 63cm
Shoulders 53cm 54cm 56cm
Sleeves 55cm 55cm 56cm
Back length 74cm 75cm 77cm
Relaxed Turtleneck Sweater  S M L
Length 72cm 74cm 75cm
Width 53cm 58cm 60cm
Shoulders 65cm 65cm 65cm
Sleeves 46cm 46cm 47cm